Pre-Recording Your Talk

Here are the instructions for preparing pre-recorded talks for IEEE RFID 2020.  

We want the paper authors and invited talks to observe a maximum time limit of 15 minutes for talks (online attention spans are shorter than in-person attention spans).  Keep in mind that there will also be an interactive session where you can briefly summarize your work and participate in Q&A. Keynotes and tutorials are allowed to expand beyond 15 minutes.

There are two recording methods we recommend:

  1. Do it Yourself:  Use Power Point voice-over, Camtasia, Kultura, or any other software that you are comfortable with.  Our preference is to have the talking-head shot of the presenter as at least a “thumbnail” in the corner of the presentation if possible.  

  2. Let Us Help:  Some volunteers and I can arrange a BlueJeans session where the presenter shares the screen and gives a real-time talk over the session.  We can record and pull the MP4 file directly off the BlueJeans server.  The fidelity of method #1 is usually a little higher, but the BlueJeans captures look very good and may be preferred by those without comfortable capture or recording skills. Contact the exec or TPC chairs to schedule help.

Upload the video directly to EDAS, which has a video upload option alongside the final manuscript/poster upload. You may also upload slides/handouts to accompany your talk. If possible, please pre-pend the standard IEEE RFID 2020 standard MP4 intro (request from TPC or Exec chair). We can add this later if you do not have video editing software or expertise.

Our volunteer video editing team at IEEE RFID 2020 will add intros/outros to your videos. We may also contact you about curating your presentation on the IEEE Resource Center and/or the IEEE CRFID YouTube channel.