The IEEE RFID 2020 Program:

More Program Details available at this link

Future Trends (Mon., Oct. 5)

RFID Cutting-Edge Tech (Tue., Oct. 6)

  • Plenary Opening Remarks, Paper Q&A (9 to 10.30 am EDT)
  • General Paper Q&A (12 to 1.30 pm EDT)
  • General Paper Q&A (3 to 4.30 pm EDT)

IEEE RFID Posters (Wed., Oct. 7)

IEEE Workshop on WireIess MoCap (Thur., Oct. 8)

  • Plenary Tutorial by Stratigos and Paper Q&A (9 to 10.30 am EDT)
  • Session Paper/Talk Q&A (12 to 1.30 pm EDT)
  • Session Paper & Invited Paper/Talk Q&A (3 to 4.30 pm EDT)

IEEE RFID Tech Apps (Fri., Oct. 9)

Social Sessions (Every day, 6 to 7.30 pm EDT)

More Program Details available at this link

Topic Areas

• Antenna design and characterization
• Digital twin parallel intelligence
• Channel measurements and modeling
• Modeling, simulation and implementation of RFID-based systems
• MIMO, UWB and hybrid RFIDs
• Circuit design and characterization for readers and tags
• Active tags
• Smart and programmable tags
• Chipless RFID technology
• RFID manufacturing processes, 3D and inkjet printing
• Networking and communication concepts
• Coding and modulation schemes
• Multi-reader coordination and interference reduction
• RFID software, middleware and protocols
• Cybersecurity, cryptography and privacy-enhancing techniques, anti-counterfeiting
• Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer
• Ambient RF harvesting
• Near Field Communications
• RFID applications in healthcare, precision agriculture, transportation, safety, security, inventory management, logistics, fashion, and retail
• Wearable and biomedical applications
• Green technologies for RFID
• RFID-based infrastructures for Internet of Things
• RFID for Industry 4.0
• RFID for Smart Cities
• RFID-enabled localization systems
• RFID sensors
• RF tomography and environmental sensing
• Millimeter-wave identification and sensing
• Next-generation RFID applications